Announcement of the Next generation Nucleon decay and Neutrino detector (NNN99) Workshop Sep. 23 - 25, 1999, SUNY at Stony Brook
announced in December, 1998

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Dear Colleagues:

This year has been extremely exciting for the neutrino physics community with the report from the Super-Kamiokande experiment on neutrino oscillations, and continuing intriguing results from various other experiments. It is also clear that we will have more exciting years ahead of us with more data from existing and new facilities, notably, SNO, K2K, MINOS, Borexino, CERN-Gran Sasso Long Baseline experiment...

Nevertheless, the complexity of physics issues and the scale of experiments are such that it is important to start planning beyond the current round of experiments. The goal of observing proton decay remains elusive. Even after the spectacular progress in the neutrino sector many questions remain unanswered, and other questions have emerged. Neutrino astronomy has emerged as a new exciting field that needs new facilities.

Therefore, as a first step, we are organizing a workshop to discuss experiments that go beyond the current round of experiments, reach proton decay lifetimes of 10^35 years, contribute significantly to the understanding of the neutrino sector including oscillations, solar neutrinos, CP violation, supernovae dynamics, and high energy cosmic neutrino sources.

During the three day workshop at Stony Brook, we will survey the current status of neutrino oscillations and nucleon decay searches. We will discuss theoretical interpretations of the current experimental results and motivation for a future nucleon decay detector. We will exchange ideas for new massive underground detectors, new solar neutrino experiments, and very long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments.

The workshop will be informal, and provide an environment for lively discussions and exchange of ideas.

Workshop bulletins and details of the program will be published soon. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop next year.

Chang Kee Jung
On behalf of the NNN99 Organizing Committee

For more information, please contact:
Milind Diwan (Co-Chair, Organizing Committee):
Chang Kee Jung (Co-Chair, Organizing Committee):
Hank Sobel (Chair, International Advisory Committee):
Bob Svoboda (Chair, Program Committee):

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