NNN99 Working Groups

1. Nucleon Decay Group

contact person: Chang Kee Jung (alpinist@superk.physics.sunysb.edu)

2. Atmospheric and HE Astrophysical Neutrino Group

contact person: Dave Casper (casper@master.ps.uci.edu)

3. Solar and Supernova Neutrino Group

contact person: Bob Svoboda (svoboda@phlash.phys.lsu.edu)

4. Accelerator Neutrino Group

contact person: Milind Diwan (diwan@bnlku1.phy.bnl.gov)
If you wish to give a talk in a working group session, please contact the respective working group contact person in the list above. Papers relevant to the scientific program may also be submitted to the Workshop. The papers should be submitted to the following e-mail address in postscript form by August 22, 1999: svoboda@phlash.phys.lsu.edu. The submitted papers will be then distributed to the relevant invited speakers and/or the working group leaders. The list of submitted papers including author name, title, short abstract no more than 10 lines, and e-mail and website information (but not the papers themselves) will be included in the Proceedings.