The quasi-official IonoCopter web page

This is the IonoCopter web page, full of fun and useful information about the IonoCopter!
(OK, so not everyone would consider it "fun.") This is an instrument operating at a particle physics experiment at the Japanese High Energy Physics Laboratory (KEK) in Tsukuba City, Japan. The main mechanical design was done by physicists from The Univerity at StonyBrook and an engineer from Creative Instrumentation in Long Island, NY, USA, and parts were built at StonyBrook, Brookhaven National Lab, and KEK.
See some nifty pics here. --but be careful, that page may take a bit of time to load.
Notice the end of that page has links to newly copied videos!
A brief review for outsiders to our experiment, including possibly non-physicists, is written here.
Some details about the mechanical parts are given in this document which is not very technical from a physics point of view, but are a bit more than a glance at the pictures would give.

Collaborators only (password protected stuff):

Note that some of the below documents as html also have PostScript versions available. To find these, check the link to the directory of the html, then substitute ".ps" for the trailing slash in that name.
View the run list summary here!
Note of course that that is only a summary, not a transcript of the whole log book. The point is to give some overview of the run sets and what general information is there.
The format of the most recent data is described in this document with a pointer to the files themselves. Note that this is subject to change since we are still just starting our analysis and just finished our calibration. Here is a shortcut to the data ntuples themselves for those who already know about the format.
More gory details about our systems are here. These include, but will not be limited to, details of our survey and how the gas system is set up. It is brand new, so it is lacking a lot at present.
General figures (some shown in weekly experimental meetings) are in this directory.

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