Department of Physics and Astronomy
University Physics by Young and Freedman, 11th Ed.

Physics 126: Fall 2004

The final exam is scheduled to start at 8:00am on Wednesday, December 15 in Old Engineering Room 145. The final will be closed book, but two sheets of notes will be allowed. There will not be a formula sheet distributed with the exam, however all required physical constants will be provided.

Physics 126 is the second semester of the three semester introduction to "classical physics" and covers fluids, harmonic oscillators, waves, thermodynamics, light and optics. The course covers the subjects required for students majoring in physical science and engineering and students must be able to use mathematics as it is applied to a wide range of topics. There is a lecture with four recitation/lab sections.

The text is University Physics by Young and Freedman, 11th edition (Addison Wesley, 2004). There are different editions, sizes, etc., so if ordering on the web, be sure to use the ISBN number (0-8053-8684-X). There is also a Companion WEB site with physics problems, however you should be aware that the web site notation that is slightly different than that used in the course.

The Course Calendar gives the expected schedule for lecture topics, homework assignments, laboratories, and exams. Also check the syllabus which lists the specific requirements that must be met to succeed in this class. You should also be aware of the laboratory instruction manual which is on the web which has been updated when compared to the manual available in the book store.


Instructor contact information


Office hours

Contact Information

Prof. Clark McGrew
Prof. McGrew

MWF 9:25-10:20
Physics P-113

Section 01
M 12:50-1:45
Physics P-122

Section 02
M 3:50-4:45
Physics P-122

Physics D-134
W 1:00-3:00
Prof. McGrew

Prof. Rocek
Prof. Rocek
Section 03
Tue 12:50-1:45
Physics P-122
Math Tower 6-116A
Prof. Rocek

Prof. Likharev
Prof. Likharev
Section 04
W 2:20-3:15
Physics P-123
Physics B-135
Prof. Likharev


Laboratory Sessions

Labs meet in room A-130

Lab Hours

sec #





Mon 1:50-3:50

sec 01

Yeuh-Cheng Kuo Physics B-120 632-8182

Mon 4:50-6:50

sec 02

Yeuh-Cheng Kuo Physics B-120 632-8182

Tue 1:50-3:50

sec 03

TBA Physics B-120 632-8182

Wed 3:20-5:20

sec 04

Mike McCumber Physics B-120 632-8182

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